Be dazzled by the Apeldorn

Be dazzled by the Apeldorn

By Lidia Boque Gousgouni
01 Nov 2017

Even though it’s way too late to think about planting Tulips this year – make a note to be ready for next autumn if you want a display as beautiful as the one in the photo.

It’s well into spring and the main Wodonga TAFE building has been framed with a stunning array of new flowers in bloom. One beauty, in particular, is the Apeldoorn Tulip, it is one of the earliest blooming species amongst the tulips. Its large size and long-lasting bright red flowers are the reasons why it’s so beautiful and one of the most common tulips to have in your home garden.  The Apeldoorn was introduced around 1951 and is a member of the Darwin Hybrid group which are known for their regal stature. The Darwin Hybrid group have huge blooms in a variety of vivid colours and they can flower strongly year after year.Their strong stems grow around 40-50cm tall and are strong enough to withstand some wind and rain. Inside the flower is a yellow-edged, black heart that makes it identifiable but also the green of the stem and leaves make for a great contrast against the red of the petals.

These tulips grow well in a garden bed or in a pot. They enjoy a full sun to partial shade environment in rich, fertile, and well-drained soil or pots with a good potting mix. The Apeldoorn can be lifted after each flowering season, but the bulbs can be left in the soil and not disturbed – make sure they aren’t over-watered in its dormant months. When planting your bulbs for this bold beauty its best done in late autumn, or early winter in warmer areas. Bulbs should be planted 10- 20cm deep and 10cm apart from others, and then supplied with a good organic fertiliser. With all plants after flowering, it is important to remove the spent heads. But with bulbs, it is important to let the rest die off naturally. This way, any energy left in the leaves will return and be stored back in the bulb for next season! If you do wish to remove the bulbs from the ground ensure they are stored in a dry, cool, area over summer. Otherwise just let them be and they will be there to greet you next season!


Gardens Round the Glen is being held on Sunday 5th November 10 am – 4 pm.  There are eight gardens in Corowa, Wahgunyah, and Rutherglen to visit.  Maps are available at all of the gardens and brochures are available at information centres in Corowa and Rutherglen.  Other shops in the area have brochures available as well.  $10 entry covers all eight gardens.   This day is organised by the Rutherglen and District Garden Club.


Sustainable Living Festival plant and Garden Events – harvest, walk, talk and taste at the Bhutanese Community Farm.  14th and 17th Nov 9.30am- 11.30 am.  Meet at the Sustainable Activity Centre, Gateway Island.  For more information visit -  https;// internal



Apeldoorn Tulips make a stunning display in the grounds of Wodonga TAFE.