Funding announcement boosts Wodonga TAFE services to community

Funding announcement boosts Wodonga TAFE services to community

By David Pendleton
04 Oct 2017

Labor Upper House Member for Northern Victoria, Jaclyn Symes, yesterday visited Wodonga TAFE to announce nearly $4million in funding from the Andrews Labor Government’s Skills First TAFE Community Service fund and Skills First Reconnect program.

Part of the funding will be used to continue the good work of the Wodonga TAFE Skills and Jobs Centre, which has helped more than 650 people get the skills development, job readiness, and training and career support they need to find a job or to move into further training since it opened last year.

Almost $540,000 from Skills First TAFE Community Service funding will support the Wodonga TAFE’s Institute Enterprise Access Program which combines accredited qualifications with core employability skills and industry awareness activities, as well as the opportunity for participants to set up and run a small business or social enterprise with the TAFE’s community partners and employers.

The funding will also help people living across the north-east access vocational education and training support through Wodonga TAFE’s partnerships with Learn Local organisations in Myrtleford, Mount Beauty, Bright and Alexandra.

Ms Symes said people living in the Alpine, Towong and Indigo Shires will have more access to the training and support they need to get a job thanks to an expanded Skills First Reconnect program, reconnecting early school leavers and the long-term unemployed.

Participants in the Wodonga TAFE Skills First Reconnect program will receive tailored support, including getting a learning and achievement plan and weekly one-on-one sessions with qualified support workers.

They will also develop their skills and confidence through training in work skills, literacy, numeracy, digital literacy and resume writing, including at the TAFE’s Skills and Jobs Centre. On completion, participants will be supported to undertake further education and training, work experience and employment.

The Skills First Reconnect program will expand eligibility to support high need learners aged between 17-64 years with low levels of prior educational attainment.

Wodonga TAFE CEO, Mark Dixon said, ‘This funding announcement is great news for the entire local community.’

‘It helps us continue to provide critical community services such as those offered through the Wodonga TAFE Skills and Job Centre, provide specialised support services for our students, ensure our students have access to the best library facilities, and more.’

‘These types of services are what make Wodonga TAFE very different to any other training provider, and a big part as to why Wodonga TAFE is rated the number one TAFE in Victoria for positive student feedback.