Introducing the new face of Fitness at Wodonga TAFE

Introducing the new face of Fitness at Wodonga TAFE

By Susan Burdett
30 Aug 2017

Michael Bray fitness trainer

With our Fitness program gaining a solid reputation for hands-on practical experience and proven outcomes of job-relevant skills with our graduates working in the fitness industry, now’s the time to introduce our new teacher in Fitness.

Meet Michael Bray! Michael is teaching both the Certificate III and the Certificate IV in Fitness, and here we find out more about his passion for all things fitness…

Why Fitness? Michael said that fitness has always been a big part of his life – from playing sport at a young age, and then training in a gym alongside that sport commitment as a means to improve his performance in sport.

“From this it was then a natural path for me to continue on in fitness, so I completed my qualification. I’ve been involved in personal training since then, and continued on to further studies at university in exercise science.”

From this, Michael then moved into strength conditioning and personal training, and has developed his own business in the industry, working with professional athletes across a diverse range of sports including rugby, swimming, basketball, running - to name just a few! And after relocating with his family to north east Victoria late last year, Michael said he’s now enjoying getting back into power lifting.

“That’s my passion! And I use it as an outlet with my clients to help them build confidence.”

And Michael’s key motivation?

“Progress over perfection. It’s about the journey and the improvements you can see along the way – not just being at the top.”

As well as teaching in Wodonga TAFE’s Fitness program, Michael maintains his own focus in the industry, providing a fitness program online to motivate and guide his clients, and says the online connection is a key component of the modern fitness industry.

“And if you’re thinking of studying fitness, it’s an extremely rewarding career where the main purpose of your work is to help people be healthier. You’re not confined to an office – you can work in a gym, or outdoors, so it’s very flexible – you can make it fun and a great environment for people to be motivated.”

Starting with the Certificate IV in Fitness gives you a qualification to start in the industry and find your niche. You gain a broad range of practical skills so you can gain work immediately as a personal trainer, or explore your own area of interest within a gym or fitness centre setting, or start your own business.

“As well as giving you that immediate qualification, the course also provides you with an insight into a further career in the fitness sector if you want to go on to further study, to university qualifications such as Human Movement or Sports Management.”

With fitness activity one of the most popular pastimes, and a growth industry across the country, there’s no better time than now to start considering your own possibilities. Working in the fitness or sports industry offers you the opportunity to stay fit and active, while you develop your career.

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