Myotherapy qualification a first for Wodonga TAFE

Myotherapy qualification a first for Wodonga TAFE

By Susan Burdett
14 Jun 2017

advanced diploma of myotherapy

Wodonga TAFE’s Community Services and Health department is proud to be offering the Advanced Diploma of Myotherapy 22316VIC.

Course Coordinator, Mrs Emma O’Donovan, said it was exciting to be able to deliver this training locally. “This course is an amazing opportunity to have this depth of training available to our regional remedial massage therapists.”

“Wodonga TAFE is the only registered training organisation between Melbourne and Sydney to offer this qualification, and therapists are now able to access this specialised training regionally where they previously had to travel to the city,” said Ms Donovan.

With delivery planned to start in Semester 2, this course will provide the opportunity for qualified Remedial Massage Therapists to advance their training and knowledge to the next level.

The Advanced Diploma of Myotherapy will provide an extension to skills for Remedial Massage Therapists, and the course will focus on assessment, treatment and prevention of specific musculoskeletal conditions and somatic dysfunction. Treatment options may involve various modalities that enhance the restoration and recovery from these conditions via treatment of soft tissues.

Mrs O’Donovan also said that the Advanced Diploma of Myotherapy added to Wodonga TAFE’s capacity in the remedial massage field. “This course complements our current delivery of Massage Therapy and Remedial Massage, and provides a clear pathway for our students to continue gaining expertise in their industry,”

The popularity in preventative health solutions has seen a steady increase in recent years which has opened doors for health professionals considerably. Since the introduction of Myotherapy treatment in Australia in the 1990s, the demand for therapists to deal with more complex musculoskeletal conditions has grown. This has provided the need for therapists to be more widely trained - hence the introduction of this course.

An information session for this course will be held on campus, Monday 3 July 2017, at 5.30pm-6.30pm, in Room B105, Building B. 

More information about the course is available via the Health & Community courses section of our website