5 good reasons to study midyear

5 good reasons to study midyear

By Susan Burdett
18 Apr 2017

good reasons to study midyear

1. You’ve decided it’s time to follow your dreams! 

You know, carpe diem, seize the day! So you’re going to step out and find a course that you’re interested in and come along to the info session to find out more... 

2. You’re doing something for you!

Your kids or caring responsibilities are well-settled into a routine at school or care during the day, so you have the time now to focus on your own new start. 

3. You’ve come to the end of your gap year. 

If you’ve been working after year 12 or decided not to go to uni earlier on, and have just decided now to venture back into study, then midyear is perfect for you.

4. Your new year’s resolution has worn off...

You are thinking seriously about ditching your current job - check out the list of midyear courses to find something new and career-inspiring.

5. You’ve already started another course. 

But you’re finding it’s not quite what you wanted – so you might be able to transfer to another one that’s starting midyear…


At the end of the day, nothing changes if nothing changes. So make mid-year your time for change!

Find out more about courses available for midyear application.

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