May bookings open to public at The Valleys Restaurant

May bookings open to public at The Valleys Restaurant

By Brandt Johnson
10 Mar 2017

Student involvement in Hospitality, Events and Tourism training this year is BIG! Imagine having an entire team of fresh, smiling, bright-eyed students all working together under the direction of industry-leading instructors to provide exceptional dining experiences at The Valleys Restaurant at Wodonga TAFE.

The Valleys has successfully hosted lunch services already this year involving learners from Cookery, Patisserie, Events, Hospitality and Tourism. Each student’s training includes regular opportunities, like these, to use their new skills in real-world, service environments.

In order to deliver successful experiences to guests, all of the students groups work together to coordinate each team’s specific role – a very important aspect of real-world working environments. They will have more opportunities to practice these skills throughout a very active service schedule in May.

Adding to The Valleys’ allure, guests will begin to notice displays that feature creations from the student groups in Fashion, Graphic, Interior and Building Design. In future events, Sound Production students will also get involved by building excitement and atmosphere for diners.

An exciting new development will have all of these students and instructors come together at the end of the year to host the NEXT Exhibition in The Valleys Restaurant. Any guests to the open lunch services will have a preview of what’s to come and an opportunity to witness design students’ creations as they progress through their training.

Get ready for some exciting things from these student groups this year, and experience the total event creations for yourself as a guest. To book your spot for a service at The Valleys Restaurant or to find out how you can participate in a Masterclass, event or training course, call 1300 493 031.

Tuesday 2 May  Pop-up street food café 
Wednesday 3 May The Valleys open service
Tuesday 9 May The Valleys open service
Tuesday 16 May Kirsten Tibballs Masterclass
Tuesday 23 May The Valleys open service