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Free TAFE & JobTrainer FAQs

Frequently asked questions

FAQs about Free TAFE

What is Free TAFE for Priority courses?
Free TAFE for Priority Courses is a Victorian Government initiative that aims to reduce the financial barrier for students wanting to train in courses that lead to jobs in demand from Victorian employers.

Who is eligible for Free TAFE priority courses?
You may be eligible if you are under 20 years of age, or if you are enrolling in a course at a higher level than you have completed before. Find out if you’re eligible here

What courses are offered as part of Free TAFE for priority courses?
The tuition-free priority course lists includes a range of non-apprenticeship courses as well as courses that provide pathways to apprenticeships (also known as pre-apprenticeships. Find the full list of courses available as part of the Free TAFE priority courses here.

Will this cover all my fees?
If you’re eligible, Free TAFE for Priority courses pays the tuition fees for your whole course. TAFEs may charge for other fees such as student services or material fees that you may have to cover yourself. 

How many Free TAFE for Priority courses can I do?
Free TAFE for Priority courses will pay your tuition fees for one course. Once you have enrolled in a tuition-free priority course you can’t get a tuition-free place again, even if you don’t finish your first tuition-free priority course.

Can I do a course that’s not on the Free TAFE for Priority courses?
Yes, however you will need to pay the tuition fee and costs associated with that course.
For the list of Wodonga TAFEs Free TAFE Priority Courses click here.

If I do a Free TAFE for priority course, will I get a job?
The tuition-free priority courses are in industry areas where there are likely to be more jobs in the future. When you complete your course, Wodonga TAFE's Skills and Jobs centre can help you search for a job and support you to prepare your resume, help with interview preparation and anything else relating to careers and job seeking.

How will free TAFE for priority courses affect my eligibility for future government-subsidised training?
Free TAFE for Priority courses are treated the same way as any other course you have undertaken, for the purpose of determining whether you are eligible for further Victorian Government-subsidised training.


FAQs about JobTrainer

What courses are available under JobTrainer?
JobTrainer is available in 144 courses across areas identified as having a genuine skills need and employment growth, such as health, construction, agriculture, community services, meat processing, pharmaceutical manufacturing, financial services, logistics, and hairdressing and beauty services. They were chosen to meet the priority needs of the Victorian economy.

Who is eligible for JobTrainer? 
To qualify for JobTrainer, you must:

  • You must be an Australian Citizen, a permanent resident, a New Zealand citizen or asylum seeker to be eligible for JobTrainer and
  • be aged 17-24, or
  • A Job seeker of any age, where a job seeker is defined as a person who:
    • holds a valid and current Commonwealth Health Care Card, Pensioner Concession Card or Veteran’s Gold Card; or
    • is unemployed.

I already have a qualification - am I eligible for JobTrainer?
Victorians eligible for JobTrainer can access qualifications, including Free TAFE courses, even if they hold a higher qualification. 

Where can I find out more information about these funding initiatives?

You can find out more by visiting the Victorian Skills Gateway or calling the TAFE and Training line on 13 18 23 - or talk to our friendly Customer Experience team, phone 1300698233. 


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