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About this Course

Gain the skills and knowledge you need to be competent in leading at least two outdoor recreation activities in uncontrolled natural environments such as wild bushland, lakes, wild rivers, caves, mountains and alpine terrain. People with this qualification are able to manage expected and unexpected situations with considerable autonomy. Leadership and safety management skills are involved when organising activities, as well as being able to arrive at solutions for non-routine or contingency situations. Importantly you will come to appreciate and understand the risks involved in leading adventurous activities. You will learn how to manage those risks keeping your clients safe and your gear in good working order while minimising your impact to the natural environment. Everyone gets to participate in caving and alpine skills and complete Abseil Guide and Canoe flat water Guide, which included aquatic rescue. In addition you choose another activity elective from rock-climbing guide, mountain bike guide, or white water guide. In total Certificate IV graduates end up with 4 guide qualifications. This course is also being delivered in Alexandra VIC, and in Port Macquarie NSW, as well as Wodonga. Please contact us for further details.

Why choose Wodonga TAFE

Our goal is to develop quality outdoor leaders in recreation, education, and ecotourism. With a range of qualifications on offer along with numerous short courses there is sure to be something to inspire you to pursue your dream outdoor job. Our Instructors are highly qualified and experienced within their specialisations and passionate about teaching others. Group leadership, safety management and rescue are crucial aspect to outdoor recreation and are taught specific to each activity. There is no substitute for personal hands-on learning, and we include extensive practical training in the program as much as is needed.

Learning Outcomes

- Leadership - Outdoor survival - Leaders wilderness first aid - Risk management - Camp catering - Navigation - Nature conservation

Compulsory Units

BSBWOR404B Develop work priorities HLTAID003 Provide first aid SISOODR302A Plan outdoor recreation activities SISOODR404A Manage risk in an outdoor activity SISOODR405A Develop and coordinate programs incorporating outdoor activities SISOOPS306A Interpret weather conditions in the field SISOOPS407A Apply search and rescue skills SISXCCS404A Address client needs SISXEMR201A Respond to emergency situations SISXIND404A Promote compliance with laws and legal principles SISXIND405A Conduct projects SISXOHS402A Implement and monitor occupational health and safety policies SISXRES402A Support implementation of environmental management practices SISXRES403A Use resources efficiently TAEDEL301A Provide work skill instruction SISOABN202A Safeguard an abseiler using a single rope belay system SISOABN303A Apply single pitch abseiling skills on natural surfaces SISOABN304A Establish ropes for single pitch abseiling on natural surfaces SISOVTR301A Perform vertical rescues SISOCVE201A Demonstrate caving skills SISOCVE302A Apply single pitch abseiling skills in caves SISOABN305A Guide abseiling on single pitch natural surfaces SISOCNE202A Perform deep water rescues SISOCNE303A Apply canoeing skills SISCAQU202A Perform basic water rescues SISOCNE305A Guide canoeing trips on flat and undemanding water SITXFSA101 Use hygienic practices for food safety SISOOPS202A Use and maintain a temporary or overnight site SISONAV201A Demonstrate navigation skills in a controlled environment SITTTOP302 Provide outdoor catering SISOBWG302A Apply intermediate bushwalking skills SISONAV302A Apply navigation skills in an intermediate environment HLTAID005 Provide first aid in remote situations SISONAV403A Navigate in uncontrolled environments PUAOPE002B Operate communications systems and equipment SISOBWG404A Apply river crossing skills SISXEMR402A Coordinate emergency response SISOBWG405A Guide intermediate bushwalks SISOCVE303A Rig a ladder pitch SISOCVE304A Apply laddering skills SISOCYT303A Apply on-road cycling skills SITTGDE301 Work as a guide SISOOPS305A Provide first aid in a remote location SISOBWG201A Demonstrate bushwalking skills in a controlled environment SISXCAI306A Facilitate groups SISXRSK301A Undertake risk analysis of activities SISOODR303A Guide outdoor recreation sessions SISOSKT303A Day ski tour away from a patrolled area SISOSKT305A Apply snow craft skills for day touring SISXOHS101A Follow occupational health and safety policies

Selectable Units

Additional selectable units may apply.


Assessments are often practical and occur on excursions in the field. In addition there are often online learning activities that need to be completed and these can often be social and very collaborative in nature, involves discussions, planning and group work. You get to use a simple online learning system called moodle which stores all the assessments, feedback, and grades for each unit so you can track your progress through the course.


By successfully completing this course you will receive an AQF Qualification.

Job Opportunities

- Group leader who works for an outdoor education program - Activity specialist for an outdoor education company - Adventure guide for an ecotourism company - Expedition leader for an overseas expedition company - Freelance outdoor guide or instructor - Recreational officer at a tourist resort - Youth support worker for a recreational community health program - Activities coordinator for a government sport and recreation program - Outdoor guide (uncontrolled environment) - Outdoor instructor The Outdoor Recreation courses delivered by Wodonga TAFE include more content than the minimum requirements to complete a qualification. Ongoing consultation with industry ensures we deliver courses that maximise employment opportunities for our graduates.

Delivery Methods

- On-campus – The majority of teaching and assessment is conducted on-campus - Blended – Teaching and assessment will be conducted on-campus and online.


- McKoy Street Main Campus VIC


Full-time: 1 year, Part-time: 2 years

When You Can Start

Applications for 2017 have now closed. To express your interest for the 2018 intake please contact Customer Service.

Delivery Schedule

While the majority of the course is taught onsite during field excursions and camps, there are also online components of learning.

Field Placement

To complete the Certificate IV students need industry experience as an assistant leading groups for at least 3 days in each of their specialist activities. Some of this experience will be arranged for students when we provide guided outdoor education experiences for local schools. Other opportunities you will need to organise, however there are numerous and regular casual jobs offered throughout the year and many school outdoor education programs are happy to include a volunteer leader to assist leading an activity.

Entry Requirements

There are no formal entry requirements, however it is strongly advised applicants have completed Year 12 or are over age 18. Good literacy, numeracy and computer skills are required as well as maintaining a reasonable level of fitness to perform the physically challenging aspects of this course. Applicants should show a keen interest in being outdoors in nature, engaging regularly with others learning online, and demonstrate a firm commitment to successfully complete the course.


Funded $5,505.00 (Tuition $5,505.00, Materials $0.00) Concession $1,305.00 (Tuition $1,305.00, Materials $0.00) Full Fee $8,655.00 (Tuition $8,655.00, Materials $0.00)

Fees Additional Information

The student tuition fees published are indicative only and can be subject to change given individual circumstances at the time of enrolment. Funding made available to eligible individuals by State and Commonwealth Governments. If funding is utilised, this may affect opportunities to access additional funding in the future. For more information see ‘Fee information and eligibility’ under the 'Apply Now' tab on the Wodonga TAFE website. Fees will vary greatly depending on your circumstances, concessions, chosen electives and materials needed.

Application Procedure

Apply via the ‘Apply online now’ button in the course information page. If the course is not available for online application, you can download an enrolment form via the ‘Apply Now’ tab on our website. Alternatively, please feel free to contact our friendly customer service team on 1300 69 8233 or email info@wodongatafe.edu.au

Other Information

If you can show evidence of previous training or significant experience in a particular unit of competence then you may apply to have that skill recognised through an RPL application. Please contact us for further information about Skills Recognition.


There are two options available to you for completing Certificate IV in Outdoor Recreation. Firstly, apply direct to Wodonga TAFE via the 'Apply online now' button in the course information if you want to complete only the Certificate IV in Outdoor Recreation. Alternatively, Charles Sturt University offers an integrated program in Outdoor Recreation, with a co-enrolment with Wodonga TAFE, enabling you to graduate with two recognised qualifications. The Bachelor of Applied Science (Outdoor Recreation and Ecotourism) integrated program is designed to enable you to complete TAFE and University study at the same time. Graduates of this course will receive a Certificate IV in Outdoor Recreation in addition to their degree. Find out more about the integrated program, including how to apply, [via the CSU website](http://www.csu.edu.au/courses/outdoor-recreation-ecotourism-overview?fRSIzLhdZ1vaLorX.99 "via the CSU website")

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