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Retail Connection is a one-stop destination for retail education, collaboration, experiences and support; a retail community inspiring passion and driving engagement for the retail-centric. Download the flyer Make Your Business a Leader in the Retail Sector

The membership levels within Retail Connection offer you the flexibility to increase your retail skills through a range of learning methods, as well as the option of choosing an accredited or non-accredited membership.

Wodonga TAFE's Retail Connection can provide you with just-in-time training, available on demand as you need it to help you develop your retail career.  

Just-in-time training with m-learning and micro skills

We have all heard of e-learning and the concept of ‘electronic’ online learning requiring computers and laptops - and now we bring you m-learning - the next step in out-of-classroom learning. It's ‘mobile’ learning, which you can access anywhere and at any time through your smartphone, via an app.

How this will benefit you

You may sometimes see m-learning called ‘just-in-time’ or ‘on-demand’ learning, because it’s there, on your device, when you want it.

The Retail Connection program presents the m-learning as short skill sets or 'micro skills' so you can fit them into your schedule, live your life, work to your priorities, and learn as you go.

You can embed the learning from micro skills into your workplace, with questions or tasks you can complete to see what you have learned. You can pick and choose as you need; whether you pick one, cluster skills together, or complete full topics and add assessments to gain either a statement of attainment for accredited units or a certificate for a full qualification.

Our friendly retail trainers are available to help you work through your requirements and to help you access what you need.  

How to access this training

To step into all that the Retail Connection program can offer you and your retail career, you simply need the following: 

  • the will to learn
  • a membership to Retail Connection
  • a personal electronic device with an internet connection, such as a smart phone, ipad, or computer.

It's that easy!

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