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Capability Statement

Capability Statement for DECA

Transport, warehousing and logistics provides the backbone to any thriving economy.  DECA has for many years worked directly with industry to not only develop and deliver the training required to provide clients with appropriate skills and knowledge, but has also played a key role in helping these industries adapt and evolve in a rapidly changing market landscape.  Our partners benefit from accessing the broadest range of quality training and industry expertise, providing unique training offerings that address everything from basic skills needs, to ensuring competency in high risk transport, warehousing and logistic business functions.

Wodonga TAFE’s Transport training division, DECA (Driver Education Centre of Australia), is regarded as Australia’s leading post-licence driver training provider.  With a focus on developing and delivering highly innovative and flexible industry relevant training, DECA is the training provider of choice of not only some of Australia’s most prominent transport organisations, but also the Australian Defence Force.

With over 50 years of experience in the driver training market, the DECA training product offering has evolved in-line with the changing needs of industry both local and abroad.  Recognising the role of effective driver training in the contemporary transport and logistics landscape, DECA’s core training focus is on heightening the professionalism of vehicle operators, increasing efficiency and improving safety standards.

With two specialist training facilities in Victoria, Australia (Wodonga TAFE Logic Campus and Wodonga TAFE Shepparton Campus), DECA not only has the capability to host clients for training delivery, but can arrange training at any other suitable location. Training facilities at Wodonga TAFE’s DECA training sites include skid pans, driving tracks, reversing ranges, warehousing facilities, mechanical workshops, classrooms and more.

DECA offers a range of industry targeted transport and logistics specialist driver training programs, with flagship programs including the Rollover Prevention and Stability Program, Pro Driver Program, and Superior Heavy Vehicle Licensing Program.  The following provides some details on each.


Rollover Prevention and Stability Program

DECA’s Rollover Prevention and Stability Program has been developed to assist professional truck drivers build a heightened understanding of the risk of heavy vehicle rollover.  The success of this one-of-a-kind practical training is a result of combining the outcomes of both driver behavioural change and an in-depth understanding of how rollover prevention technologies assist in making safer heavy vehicle fleets.  DECA has the capability to deliver Rollover Prevention and Stability training to all kinds of national and international transport clients including major liquid petroleum distributors, concrete agitator fleets and general transport.


Pro Driver Program

The DECA Pro Driver Program has been specifically developed to bring licensed heavy vehicle drivers up to the professional driving standards required by the Transport and Logistics Industry.  The program recognises the significant difference between base level licence training and accreditation, and the driving standards and performance expected of professional heavy vehicle operators.  The DECA Pro Driver Program not only seeks to lift the professionalism of drivers in transport and logistics, but establish the skills and knowledge across fleets to minimise operational costs and heighten safety standards.  DECA has successfully delivered Pro Driver training both nationally and internationally, and can accredit in-house client trainers to deliver Pro Driver training across their workforces internally.


Superior Heavy Vehicle Licensing

As mentioned previously, industry has for some time voiced concerns about the significant difference between base level licence training and accreditation, and the driving standards and performance expected by industry of professional heavy vehicle operators.  A heavy vehicle licence alone in no longer enough, with employers now seeking skilled drivers that are efficient, risk adverse, and highly professional.  The DECA Superior Heavy Vehicle Licensing Program has been developed with this in mind, and has become our industry’s most effective means of providing a pathway for new drivers to access the Transport and Logistics Industry.  Combining base level licence training, nationally accredited training, as well as, DECA Rollover Prevention and Stability, and Pro Driver training, new entrants to the industry are properly equipped to enter the workforce seamlessly.  So successful has this program been that DECA has recently partnered with two of Australia’s largest transport operators, vehicle manufacturer Volvo, and Transport Women Australia, to deliver Superior Heavy Vehicle Licence Training to women seeking to enter the industry.
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