Policies, Procedures, Codes of Practice, and Forms

Policies, Procedures, Codes of Practice, and Forms

The staff at Wodonga TAFE are committed to making sure our customers are our first priority. Our quality management system is structured to ensure we conduct all our activities in the most efficient and effective way possible, while complying with all relevant government legislation and statutory regulations.

The main components of our quality management system are policies and procedures. In general, policies outline Wodonga TAFE's approach to its activities. These publicly accessible documents can be viewed here at any time. Procedures are the internal working documents of Wodonga TAFE, telling staff the correct Wodonga TAFE-approved way to approach different aspects of our business. These documents are not usually available to people other than staff, but some procedures will be made publicly available as the need arises.

To maintain our high quality standards, we regularly review our practice, using feedback from our customers, partners and staff, to help us continually improve our business processes. If you have any suggestions or feedback, please fill out the Have Your Say form or alternatively, email feedback@wodongatafe.edu.au.



POL01 Educational Quality Policy
POL03 Risk Management Policy
POL04 Discrimination, Harassment and Bullying Policy
POL06 Assessment Policy
POL07 Privacy Policy
POL11 Workplace Health and Safety Policy
POL12 Sustainable Development Policy
POL13 Communication Policy
POL14 Records Management Policy
POL15 Staff Conduct Policy
POL16 Fraud Policy
POL17 Sponsorship Policy
POL19 Vet Student Loan Tuition Fee Refund Policy
POL24 Welfare Policy
POL28 Gifts, Benefits and Hospitality Policy
POL31 Teaching and Learning Policy
POL32 Public Interest Disclosure Policy 
POL36 Work Placement Policy
POL38 Complaints Policy
POL40 Child Safety Policy
POL41 Acceptable Internet and Online Communication Policy
POL42 Financial Authorisations Policy
POL45 Electronic Approvals Policy
POL49 Procurement Policy

Codes of Practice/Codes of Conduct

CC001 Wodonga TAFE Learner Charter Code of Conduct
CC003 Student Working Group Code of Conduct
PC001 Staff Code of Conduct
PC002 Financial Propriety Code of Practice
PC003 Conflict of Interest Code of Practice
PC004 Customer Service Code of Practice
PC005 Privacy Protection Code of Practice
PC006 Copyright and Intellectual Property Code of Practice
PC007 Hardware, Software and Services Code of Practice
PC008 Gifts, Benefits and Hospitality Code of Practice
PC010 Child Safe Code of Practice


CP003 Advanced Standing (Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) and Credit Transfer (CT)) Procedure
CP005 Withdrawal and Refunds Procedure
CP006 Student Grievance/Appeals Procedure
CP008 Student Discipline Procedure
CP010 Student Loan Procedure
CP013 Student Harassment, Discrimination and Conflict Resolution Procedure
CP026 Learner Review (Re-crediting a VET Student Loan Balance) Procedure
CP040 Freedom of Information Procedure
CP046 Academic Integrity Procedure
DP025 Assessment (Including Appeal and Examination) Procedure
LP003 Improvement Opportunities and Complaints (IOC) Procedure - process for complaints and feedback
PP081 Public Interest Disclosure Procedure


CF050 Freedom of Information Request Form
CF153 Assessment Extension Request Form
CF158 Assessment Submission Receipt Form
CF026 Change of Student Personal Details Form

Student Resources

Student Handbook