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Education First Youth Foyer



Wodonga Education First Youth Foyer (Youth Foyer) proposal represents a partnership between seven key organisations for the provision of accommodation, support services, community engagement and education opportunities for the region’s most vulnerable young people.

The proposal requires the construction and operation of an accommodation facility, housing 40 studio bedrooms for youth, experiencing or at risk of, homelessness. Participants will have access to affordable housing, government funded training and educational support, along with ongoing improvements to their personal and mental health. Wodonga TAFE is seeking $15m of Government and/or philanthropic funding contributors for the construction of the Youth Foyer and $2m per annum for ongoing operational and youth support services.

Why Youth Foyer?

The construction of the Youth Foyer represents an opportunity to provide much needed economic stimulus to a region impacted by bushfires, COVID-19 and border closures. The Youth Foyer provides each resident with the time, personalised attention, mentoring and access to education opportunities needed to lead fulfilling, independent and productive lives. At the heart, the Youth Foyer model is based on the life-changing proposition that the most constructive thing we can do for young people is to ensure they become educated, employable and empowered so they can build better lives and achieve genuine independence.

You can find out more about Wodonga Education First Youth Foyer by downloading the associated documents, including the proposal paper, case study, economic evaluation, build plan and an excerpt from the Victorian Government Infrastructure Strategy 2021-2051 (full strategy document available here).