Beer, Spirits, Cordials and Sodas


2020 Stallholders - Beer, Spirits, Cordials and Sodas


Billson's Brewery

Billson's Brewery was established in 1865.. You read that right, 1865! In 2017 they've undertaken renovations and innovations to get the building and the business back to its former glory! Billson's provide an amazing variety of cordials and sodas, as well as canned still and sparkling spring water! Cordial and soda flavours include ginger, chilli, lime, shiraz, elderflower, portello, sarsaparilla and more!


Bridge Road Brewers

At Bridge Road Brewers they constantly tweak their beers and develop new recipes to satisfy the curiosity of themselves and their customers alike. They’re adamant not to just pump out a couple of run of the mill ales or have their beer brewed under license by someone else. Bridge Road Brewers prefer to create beer from scratch, using their own production equipment on site in Beechworth. Brewing is their passion, not a hobby or a chance to make a quick buck. All beers are brewed naturally, without pasteurization, or preservatives, using locally sourced ingredients.

Bridge Road Pale Ale recently ranked as No. 6 in Great Australian Beer Spectacular's Hottest 100 Craft Beers of 2019, and No. 5 in the Indie Craft Beers list too! Not to mention, Bling IPA and Beechy XPA, Little Bling  also featuring in the Top 100.


Bright Brewery

Bright Brewery was born in 2005 from a passion for well-made beer, a love for the town of Bright and its pristine alpine environment, and the adventurous outdoors lifestyle that the High Country provides. Overlooking the river, parks and mountains, Bright Brewery is an ideal destination for a beer and a meal.

Relax with a full flavoured craft beer, either outside on the Hop Terrace looking over the riverside parkland or at the bar where you can explore our beers and seasonal brews across 24 taps.


The Goods Shed Craft Beer Cafe

The Goods Shed Craft Beer Café offers a rustic space for the public to enjoy delicious food made with passion and artistic flair whilst showcasing the best of Australian craft beer.

The Goods Shed is located in Junction Place Wodonga and was built in the 1870’s and provided the region with a transport hub to move “Goods” between Melbourne and Sydney. The ambiance of this kind of venue shines through upon entering the shed. Furniture has been up cycled from murray pine floorboards, red gum sleepers, railway tracks and other bits and pieces designed to showcase the history of the area. The tasting paddles are uniquely created as beer crates, housing your mini jars of golden liquid as they await to be sampled.


Farmer’s Wife Distillery

Farmer's Wife Distillery is located north of Newcastle - so they're making quite the trip to ensure the North East gets to sample their amazing gin! Farmer's Wife Distillery is a family owned and operated business. As 3rd generation farmers, they set out wanting to share their love of the country life, and share their passion for something unique. Farmer's Wife Distillery loves sharing their craft and inviting people to experience the magic of distilling.


Golden Lion Distillery

Hailing from Corowa on the Murray River, Golden Lion Distillery aims to produce the highest of quality spirits. Golden Lion Distillery specialises in gin, brandy, rum and whiskey and have been producing these for 42 years. They undertake all parts of the process themselves, in fermentation, distilling, ageing and bottling! Try some out and take some home!  


Red Elk Beverage Co

Red Elk Beverage Co is a family run business specialising in premium soda machine, cocktail and drinking syrups. Our products are 100% handmade, making our syrups from scratch using Australian cane sugar.

Their heritage recipes are over 40 years old, some as old as 70! Because of this, they provide the same classic, refreshing taste that was enjoyed decades ago. Compared to inferior mass market cordials and syrups, they don't add unnecessary ingredients like flavour enhancers or artificial sweeteners - it tastes great the way it is!


Two Pot Brewing Company

Two Pot is the partnership between two brothers, who each work full time (not in a brewery) and have spent years of weekends brewing, and, saving the funds to be able to start a brewery. By 2017 Two Pot had built the brewery as it stands today and enjoys a strong partnership with the Star Hotel in Yackandandah. Two Pot currently produces beers as Koelsch, American Pale Ale (APA), Dunkel and a Black stout.