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Thursday, 6 December 2018

Congratulations – you’re through the exam period!

But are you stressing with the worry of the right decision about future study and career choices?

What if we said, “Take a breather and take the pressure off”? “Just ‘phone a friend’ for help instead…”

We can say that because we’re confident that the services and support of our new Skills & Jobs HQ can help you; that our team will guide you in the right direction.

“Take some of the stress out of this study and career decision-making and ‘phone a friend’ at Wodonga TAFE”, is the lifeline offered by Tracey Holley, Manager at the Skills & Jobs HQ.

“Our team really does offer these amazing FREE services that are available for anyone at this point in life, to help ease this process for all involved.”

Free careers counselling and jobs advice

To help people find their direction, fully qualified careers counsellors offer free and impartial advice – real advice about ALL possibilities available at Wodonga TAFE AND beyond!

Every day, our experienced counsellors help people discover where their talents lie and the best way to get to their dream career. Even if people are unsure about their options, our counsellors can help them realise the possibilities ahead and explore the different pathways available.

Free TAFE options

‘Free TAFE’ opportunities are here at Wodonga TAFE for 2019. With qualifications and pre-apprenticeships to choose from, there’s sure to be something on this budget-friendly list that appeals!

“As well as studying locally, ‘free TAFE’ gives a financial boost to your education or career journey”, said Tracey. “These courses are targeted to areas of high employer demand, so great job prospects are waiting for eligible students who complete their qualification.” 

TAFE to uni pathways

Turning that university degree ambition into reality is possible with the ‘TAFE to uni pathways’ program. University partnerships enable students to receive credit towards a university degree for the studies they complete at Wodonga TAFE.

Justine Rofe, Senior Educator Higher Education, said, “Our students gain confidence as they learn and work in their chosen industry, so they are well placed to progress to university.”


Free TAFE in 2020

Wodonga TAFE has FREE TAFE priority courses in 2020.

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