Hospitality professionals in the making

Wednesday, 21 November 2018

Hospitality students in The Valleys Restaurant

One of the many benefits of being on campus in a training environment is getting to sample the deliciousness that is created by students – whether it be from students skilling up in Hospitality, Cookery, Patisserie - or anything service-industry related!

This time it was ‘first in-best fed’ when our Hospitality teacher Brett put out this recent call to staff to assist Hospitality students as they practised their service delivery in The Valleys Restaurant…

‘Fancy a Quick Afternoon Snack, with yourself and three other friends?

The Certificate II in Hospitality students would love your company, to cook for you a lemon and sugar crepe, with a fresh beverage:

  • Apple, Pear and Spinach Juice (great to get you going for the afternoon gym, if that’s your thing)
  • Coffee Kick Starter (no excuse needed for coffee)
  • OMG!! Peppermint, Mint Shake (it’s Friday, and sugar is fine).'

There was also a small charge included, to assist the students in completing a financial transaction.

Coffee kick starter from our Hospitality students

These included pics are from the occasion – and of course, the service did the students proud. Some hospitality professionals in the making! Thanks to Brett and the team at Hospitality.

And if you’d like to gain yourself some skills in Hospitality, check out the course info on our website and apply online via



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