11 Reasons To Stick Around and Study Local

Friday, 17 January 2020

Staying in your local area to study because you have commitments to your family (or partner, dog, fish…) is a good enough reason as any! But read on for a few more benefits of dissing the city to stay regional for your education…


  1. You don’t need go through the stress of finding somewhere new to live, or suffer the inconveniences of share housing (think awkward bathroom incidences or finding your leftover pad-thai has mysteriously disappeared)
  2. You can keep your current job as well as take on study – you don’t need to be waiting tables or washing dishes in an inner city café to make ends meet.
  3.  You can party on in all your usual places and not worry about fending off strangers in the city.
  4. You don’t need to change your address on your license or pay expensive car registration or insurances due to change of location.
  5. You can drive your car to Wodonga TAFE and find a parking spot – free of charge every day, and you know that your car will be there - in one piece - when you get back.
  6. You can run early in the morning or walk your dog late at night and you don’t have to worry about your, or your dog’s, safety.
  7. You know your way around already and you won’t get stuck in traffic – ever, well never longer than the change of lights in Dean Street or the merging ramp to the freeway!
  8. You will have small classes at Wodonga TAFE so you will get to know everyone and your teachers will remember your name and ask how you are, and they will care about you and how you are going with your course.
  9. Your course at Wodonga TAFE will give you hands-on skills and work experience so you can hit the workforce much sooner and your work experience locally can often turn into a job offer – right here in your home town.
  10. The extra bonus - there’s every chance that your TAFE diploma will give you credits to Uni anyway – just in case you decide to take that on next!
  11.  Another bonus - not that you needed one! - but we have Destination Australia Scholarships available for all Certificate IV, Diploma and Advanced Dimploma qualifications. This means you can receive $15,000 just for studying at Wodonga TAFE! Find out more about Destination Australia here!

It’s a win/win situation to buckle the hatches here in the border region, while continuing your education and taking the next steps to your dream career. Enquire with our customer service team on 1300 698 233 to see what your options are, or browse around our delightful website www.wodongatafe.edu.au





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