Our Interior Design Diploma is more than just fluffing pillows

Monday, 15 July 2019

At Wodonga TAFE there is a focus on offering our students real-world skills experience throughout their studies in every course we offer. This could never be more evident than in the Diploma of Interior Design and Decoration that runs for 2 years full-time.

Throughout this course, skills are being taught in current industry software, SketchUp, a 3D modelling computer program that can be used for a range of drawing applications in many industries. It is a valuable asset for our students as up and coming designers and is a wonderful tool for them to be able to quickly visualise their projects in 3D. It enables walk-throughs that let them see their project come to life and evolve as they develop them.

3D Modelling Interior Design

Complimenting this software is a 3D printer which creates printed models of their design concepts. The small scale 3D printer on campus is used by students in a range of design courses that we offer, and enables students to experience the connectivity with our evolving digital world of which they will need as fully fledged designers for the future, regardless of which avenue their design career takes. Other software that students are exposed to throughout this course are AutoCAD, Revit and the ever versatile Adobe Creative Cloud.

3D Printer

“As part of teaching design, and being a designer, we are constantly looking at trends, and never wallowing in the ‘we’ve always done it this way’. Creating learners and designers with a passion for lifelong innovation is key to helping our students become the best they can be in the design field.”

Explains Belinda Papas, Interior Design and Decoration Teacher.

“Embracing, experiencing and utilising the technologies that not only make our lives easier as designers but also create an added sense of connectivity for our clients is a really important strategy we embrace whilst teaching Design at WT.”

3D Printed Model

Contrary to popular belief, Interior Design as a career is not just hiring someone to come in and style your home. It is a gutsy career where those employed within it are highly sought and brilliantly skilled in the physical and functional aspect of interiors.

The Design Institute of Australia states that “Interior Designers are trained to consider the modification of the interior structure of the building rather than just refinishing and furnishing existing spaces.” (source)

With Interior Design forecast as an industry with strong growth and filled with highly skilled professionals (source) there is no better time to consider a career that taps into creativity, technology and professionalism all in the one place.

If you would like more information regarding our Interior Design course including start dates and enrolment, please visit our website at www.wodongatafe.edu.au or call our customer service team on 1300 698 233.




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