Masters of procrastination rejoice! Tips to help you get back on track!

Tuesday, 25 June 2019

When you have an assignment due and you’re doing everything EXCEPT the assignment, you know you’re procrastinating!

So here’s some handy tips to help you avoid binge-watching GoT or episodes of Friends and get your focus back on completing the task at hand.


Remove all distractions.

Find a quiet space, go to the library, give the kids some toys or some craft or a movie (for them, not you) so you can have some quiet time.


Disconnect yourself from your phone for a little while.

That means no playing on the internet or social media as an alternative to doing your assignment. 


Gather all your tools and equipment that you’ll need for your assignment and set them up in your work area.

Colour coordinate them if you must, but get them all in the one spot so you can’t blame a missing highlighter for the lack of assignment.


Get your food and drink supplies organised.

This might be a long sitting so you may need some extra nourishment as a reward for all the work you’re about to do.


Tell yourself that you can do it and it’s not too hard.

Remind yourself why you are studying and what you have achieved so far.


Be nice to yourself and be positive.

Remember that you are already doing an amazing job of balancing everything else and studying.


Make a list.

Yes, the friend of all good procrastinators is the list – stick to writing just the things you need to do for the assignment – not everything else you want to do (nice try!)


Break your assignment up into small chunks so it’s not one big scary ‘I can’t do it’ struggle.

If you start small, then you’ll be able to see the accomplishment as you work through the list. This in itself can be great motivation to continue.


Open your text books or study notes and simply start your reading or taking notes.

Just take it step by step!


Login to your computer and make a start on the page layout for your assignment.

Getting the document layout set up with student details included is sort of pretending you’re doing the assignment - but it is a good way to drag yourself kicking and screaming to actually doing it!


Start jotting down the key points for your assignment.

Break it up into small sections and brainstorm around each of these exactly what you need to know and write about.


Now you’ve done that, starting writing more around each of these points and you’ll be well on the way to getting this pesky assignment submitted (and on time!). Go you!



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