Civil Construction Educator Brings Worldwide Experience to Students

Tuesday, 30 April 2019

Wodonga TAFE recently welcomed Rick Kaiser to the Industry, Skills and Trade department. Rick brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the team and has shown this by leading his students to success for the first semester of 2019.

Having grown up locally, Rick originally began working in the 70s as an Apprentice Bricklayer. After the building industry slowed down he found himself working with his Employer on the Norske Skog paper mill and through this he realised his passion for the construction industry.

He was offered a dogging traineeship through Leighton’s Holdings (now known as CIMIC), which focused on concreting and steel framework which was his first introduction to rigging and scaffolding work within the building industry.

Opportunities arose for Rick throughout his career which ranged in the rigging, scaffolding and dogging roles for which he obtained licenses through studying at TAFE.

He took an opportunity to move to Queensland with his employer Simon Carves and working in Gladstone which moved into a role he undertook for 12 years for ANI Engineering working as a rigging and crane operator.
During this role he became a heavy lift operator, getting his C (0) license and completing his advanced riggers license.

The next step in his career saw him heading to Central Queensland with BHP Billiton in the mining industry of which he stayed with until 2012 where he then took a step into teaching where he working as an Assessor for TAFE Queensland for two years, travelling all over the state to conduct training.

Once the teaching contract concluded he working with MMG (Minerals and Metals Group) for an amazing opportunity as a crane operator, rigger and scaffolding supervisor overseas in the DR Congo.

By 2018 Rick was ready to come back to his home country and worked in the coal mining industry in Queensland operating and supervising cranes and more rigging and dogging work. By late 2018 he saw an opportunity to return to his home town of Wodonga and took the role as Civil Construction Trainer for Wodonga TAFE.

“I have always loved the tranquillity and the variety of seasons that Wodonga offers,” Rick explains of his love of his home town. “Wodonga TAFE is set in an idyllic region which is the perfect place to create the quiet paced work/life balance that I love.”

“Working for Wodonga TAFE is a great opportunity for me as I have been involved in TAFE systems throughout my life progressing from student to contractor and then full time trainer. I am so happy here and the truly enjoy teaching my students the value of Civil jobs in our community and the opportunities for amazing careers they can enjoy all over the world.”

Wodonga TAFE offers various courses in the Civil Construction and Crane operating industries. If you would like to explore the option of a career that can take you worldwide, then please visit our website for more information or contact us to discuss options available to you 1300 698 233


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