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Terms and conditions

By submitting this scholarship application, you acknowledge that you have read and understand and agree to the following scholarship Terms and Conditions.

1. Overview

The Terms and Conditions must be read in their entirety before an applicant applies for the Destination Australia Scholarship.  

Successful applicants, by accepting their scholarship offer will be agreeing to and accepting these Terms and Conditions.

2. Scholarship offer

Successful scholarship applicants will receive:

  • a phone call indicating their success in the Scholarship Round.
  • a Letter of Offer
  • Terms and Conditions specific to their scholarship offer

The Letter of Offer will provide advice on how to accept or reject the scholarship offer. If this is not completed the scholarship may be withdrawn and/or reallocated.

3. Communication

Communication in the application process will be conducted mainly via email. Always ensure that the email address provided in the scholarship application is valid. Regularly check your email account for updates/information. For shortlisted applicants, communication may be made with you online, via telephone or through an interview process if required by the Assessment Panel.

4. Eligibility

An applicant must meet the eligibility requirements to be able to apply for the Destination Australia Scholarship.

Applicants must:

  • Be an Australian citizen or one of:
    • Permanent resident of Australia
    • Permanent humanitarian Visa holder
    • New Zealand citizen


  • Be completing a full time course at Wodonga TAFE with no more than one third of the course to be delivered by distance or online.
    • Have commenced this particular course in 2024
    • Be maintaining ongoing residency in our regional area

There are 18 Scholarships available for distribution in Round 5.

Please see below a list of eligible courses at Wodonga TAFE with a one-year duration (9 scholarships available) for Round 5:

  • Certificate IV in Allied Health Assistance
  • Certificate IV in Community Services
  • Certificate IV in Motor Sport Technology


Please see below a list of eligible courses at Wodonga TAFE with a two-year duration (9 scholarships available) for Round 5:

  • Diploma of Nursing
  • Diploma of Community Services

5. Enrolment requirements

All scholarships are awarded on the basis that the scholarship holder will maintain an active enrolled status in their course of study. The scholarship may be cancelled if the enrolment status becomes inactive. Regular contact will be made with the scholarship applicant throughout the course of their studies.

6. Deferring your scholarship

Destination Australia Scholarships cannot be deferred, and if not taken up within one week of an offer being made, the offer will be withdrawn.

7. Transferring to another course

If the scholarship holder transfers to a new course, the scholarship cannot be transferred, and ceases.

8. Withdrawing from your course

If the scholarship holder withdraws from their course or fails to continue to meet the eligibility requirements of the scholarship, the scholarship will cease, and the scholarship holder will not receive any further funding support.

9. Scholarship value

The scholarship is $15,000 per academic year. It is provided to assist the scholarship holder with living and studying costs associated with studying in a regional area and at Wodonga TAFE.

10. Scholarship payment

Payments of $7,500 will be made within one week of the student’s census date commencing in April and September 2024, providing the applicant’s scholarship eligibility and enrolment requirements are being met.

11. Retaining your scholarship

To retain the scholarship, the scholarship holder must:

  • continue to adhere to all Destination Australia eligibility criteria
  • maintain enrolment in and satisfactorily attend the nominated course at Wodonga TAFE as a full-time on campus student
  • adhere to Wodonga TAFE’s academic and administrative policies including policies regarding student discipline
  • adhere to the Terms and Conditions as outlined in this document.

12. Scholarship duration

The scholarship is for enrolments in the 2024 academic year. The Destination Australia Scholarship will cease at the end of 2025 or earlier depending on the duration of the approved qualification, or if the scholarship is terminated under these Terms and Conditions.

13. Reporting

The scholarship holder must participate in Destination Australia student and graduate surveys regarding the course, and the experiences living in the regional area as part of the Australian Government reporting requirements for this scholarship.

14. Assignment

This scholarship is not transferable to another course/campus, individual or education institution/training organisation.

15. Appeals

There are no appeals for unsuccessful scholarship applications, the decision of the panel will be final.

16. Privacy

The personal information supplied to Wodonga TAFE on the Destination Australia Scholarship Application form will be used to:

  • assess eligibility
  • perform any associated administration functions relating to the application process

The scholarship applicant’s privacy will be respected at all stages of the process and their information will not be used for any other purpose.

17. Wodonga TAFE marketing

If the successful applicant chooses to accept the Destination Australia scholarship, they may be asked to:

  • share their experiences about how the scholarship has assisted them with their study
  • participate in events and activities to promote the Destination Australia Scholarship program, including public speaking, media interviews and photographs.

Participation in such events and activities is voluntary.

18. Fraud

Wodonga TAFE has a zero tolerance attitude towards any attempts to gain a benefit fraudulently from the Australian Government. Wodonga TAFE has the right to vary or reverse any decision regarding a Destination Australia Scholarship that is made on the basis of incorrect or incomplete information.

19. Conflict of Interest

Employees of Wodonga TAFE and their immediate family, including spouse/partner, children or parents are not eligible to apply for this scholarship.  All changes regarding this criterion throughout the entirety of the allocated scholarship period must be declared and all remaining monies forfeited for scholarship reallocation purposes.

20. Late applications

No Destination Australia Scholarship applications received after the closing date/time will be considered in that Destination Australia Scholarship round.



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