Destination Australia


Destination Australia

What is Destination Australia?

The Destination Australia Scholarship is an initiative of the Australian Government with the aim of attracting and supporting international and domestic students to study in regional Australia.

The Destination Australia Initiative was announced as part of the planning for Australia’s future population with the aim of the program being to enhance regional and rural Australian education institutions, offer students from Australia and overseas the opportunity to undertake high quality education, training and research and to ensure regions share in the benefits of the government’s $35 billion international education sector.

Wodonga TAFE has Destination Australia Scholarships available for all of our offerings in Certificate IV, Diploma and Advanced Diploma qualifications, for domestic, on-campus and full time students only.

Please see the 'How to apply', 'Selection Process & Eligibility' and 'Terms & Conditions' tabs/pages for more information.

Application closing date

Applications for Destination Australia Scholarships at Wodonga TAFE close 9am 10th March, 2020.

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Destination Australia - an Australian Government Initiative

The perfect region to study

Wodonga TAFE is located on the Victorian side of the Victorian/New South Wales border in the regional city of Wodonga. Across the river from the city of Albury, and often referred to as the twin cities, the culmination of both is one of culture, history, entertainment and shopping that rivals the big cities.

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