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Massage & Myotherapy

Do you want a hands-on career in the health industry?

If you like to work with people, and are passionate about helping them regain their mobility and confidence, then a career in remedial massage practice may be for you. Learn how to assess client needs and provide remedial massage treatment in the areas of injury management, rehabilitation, aged care, and chronic disease management. Or become a massage therapist who provides general health and well-being treatments, to aid in the treatment and prevention of muscle soreness, as well as relaxation therapy.

Extensive hands-on practical experience is a highlight of both the remedial massage and the massage therapy course. From the very beginning, every student takes part in supervised practical massage sessions. Beginning with working in the classroom environment in small teams, students extend their expertise to participating in remedial massage clinics that are set up at Wodonga TAFE, with the clinics open to members of the public as well as fellow students and staff. The students become proficient in how to do a preliminary assessment of each client who presents to the clinic, and also gain business management skills while managing and promoting the clinics which they operate during their 15 month diploma. At diploma level, students also undertake training in more advanced remedial massage techniques.