Helpful Resources for At-Home Learning

The immediate future is a little uncertain when it comes to continuing the education of our children. This doesn’t just apply to Primary and Secondary aged, but also to our younger kids who are right in the middle of extremely important developmental stages.

Parents of young children who have removed them from early education, are feeling perhaps a little unsure about how to help their kids to continue to reach those learning milestones.

Our wonderful Educators at Kids on Campus are more than aware of the challenges parents are facing with keeping their little ones entertained, educated and mentally stimulated.

To assist with these concerns they have dedicated some time to develop a series of tips and resources to help those parents who may need a bit of inspiration.

Please contact us if there is any particular type of learning and/or developmental stage that you are wanting to assist your children with, our Educators are more than happy to help you in this trying time.


Below is a list of articles, which will continue to be added to over the coming weeks, that you can download and print at home. Be sure to bookmark this article in your web browser and check back occasionally as we build upon this resource for you.




Recipes to Create Learning Opportunities

Sensory Play for Development

Recipes to Create Learning Opportunities

Games for exercise and play

Creative Ways to Develop Handwriting Skills

Educational Websites and Helpful Resources