Executive Team



Wodonga TAFE Executive Team


Phillip Paterson

Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director

Phil provides leadership and advice to the Wodonga TAFE Board on establishing objectives, policies, priorities and plans for Wodonga TAFE. Phil works with the Wodonga TAFE Board, Higher Education and Skills Group, community and industry partners to deliver against strategic and operational objectives for Wodonga TAFE. The CEO ensures that the strategic objectives of Wodonga TAFE are achieved in a manner that best serves the greater Albury-Wodonga community and the northeast region of Victoria.




Graham Hart

Executive Director - Education & Training

Graham is responsible for providing leadership and strategic advice relating to Wodonga TAFE’s domestic education and training portfolio. The education and training portfolio comprises the five delivery departments of Community Services and Health (CSH), Industrial Skills and Trades (IST), Education & Vocational Services (EVS), Transport and Logistics (incorporating DECA), and the Army School of Electrical & Mechanical Engineering (ASEME). Graham also leads the Wodonga TAFE Board of Studies, providing the governance structures supporting Wodonga TAFE's delivery profile and ensuring courses delivered meet the needs of the local community and industry partners.  




Belinda Leskie

Chief Finance Officer

Belinda has the major responsibility to lead, manage and report on the financial performance of Wodonga TAFE. Belinda also provides financial, risk management and business strategy advice to the CEO, the executive team and directors of Wodonga TAFE to achieve the strategic plan in the context of legislative frameworks and operational systems and financial performance.





Victoria Conlan

Executive Director - Community & Industry Engagement

Victoria’s key focus is on developing the Wodonga TAFE brand and services, and is responsible for how Wodonga TAFE interacts with community and industry in regards to engagement, customer and client services and marketing. The portfolio compromises of three departments, Marketing and Communications, Community and Industry Engagement, and Experience and Support (incorporating Skills and Jobs Centres) to achieve the strategic objectives of Wodonga TAFE. Collaboration, engagement and awareness are critical to Wodonga TAFE's success. Victoria has the responsibility to create, develop and nurture business and community partnerships. Victoria provides strategic advice to the CEO regarding the perception and interaction Wodonga TAFE has with regards to community, industry and government.



Carolyn Davis

Executive Director - People & Capability

Carolyn has the responsibility for the development and implementation of strategic human resource management and capability to build and maintain a positive high performance culture through programs and processes designed to increase individual and organisational capability, productivity, satisfaction and well-being through investment in Wodonga TAFE's people. Carolyn also oversees Wodonga TAFE's Information and Communications Technology (ICT) department, industrial relations, employee relations, workforce development, and change management processes.




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