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Playtime Gets a Boost: More Male Educators Join Wodonga’s Kids on Campus

Wednesday, 29 May 2024

Kids on Campus Wodonga is making headlines with its notably high number of male educators. In welcoming two new male educators this month, the Wodonga-based early learning centre now boasts an impressive six male educators, accounting for 22% of the team. This increase is bucking the trend in a field traditionally dominated by women, with male educators constituting  approximately 3-4% of the workforce nationally.

Pete Enders has worked in the early childhood industry for more than 15 years and says he’s glad to see the shift in the landscape. “I knew of two other male educators in the sector, now I work alongside triple that.”

The presence of male educators at Kids on Campus is having a profound impact on both the children and the educational environment. Research highlights several benefits of gender diversity in early childhood education, from providing diverse role models to introducing various types of play for children and more.

“They run very, very fast, but we still can catch them sometimes I win”. – Maddie, age 4

 “I like playing polar bear with Jacob it’s really funny”. – Lila, age 5

 “They build cool stuff. My favourite is Pete’s remote-control car. He built it to go so fast and he lets me take it for a spin too” – Reed, age 4        

 Kids on Campus and its educators are helping to dismantle traditional gender stereotypes, showing children that teaching and nurturing are roles anyone can excel in, regardless of gender.  “This is very important role particularly as the nursery room leader to break stereotypes of what a male educator could or couldn’t do,” says Kade Winsor, a long-standing employee of the centre.  

The success at Kids on Campus serves as a model for other early learning centres aiming to diversify their staff. Promoting gender diversity within educational settings not only enriches the learning environment but also reflects the inclusive values of Wodonga TAFE and Kids on Campus alike.  

“By having male role models in our centre, we're able to show children that men can be nurturing and caring, just like women,” says Louise McLellan, Assistant Director. “Having a diverse workforce in our early childhood service is crucial for promoting gender equality and inclusivity. It has improved staff morale and enhanced creativity just to name a few. I’m proud to work with a team that values diversity and is committed to creating a positive and inclusive environment for all children.”

As Kids on Campus continues to lead the way in employing male educators, the centre is setting a new standard for gender diversity in early childhood education, showcasing the benefits of a balanced and inclusive approach to teaching our youngest learners.


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