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Preventing truck rollover accidents a priority at DECA

Tuesday, 30 July 2019

Every year the transport industry is faced with an overwhelming number of heavy vehicle rollovers that occur on Australian roads. These accidents can cause massive damage to vehicles, property, goods and in worse case scenarios, personal injury or fatality.

Rollover incidents not only have significant cost associated for businesses, but incidences greatly affect the wellbeing of drivers, their families, the environment and the community.

DECA’s Rollover Prevention and Stability Program has been developed to improve professional truck driver’s understandings of the risks of vehicle rollovers and prepares them using real life scenarios in a controlled environment of an actual Rollover incident.

Heavy Vehicle fleet operators have a responsibility to ensure their driver’s skills are up to the highest of standards at all times, no matter the road conditions. With this program both theory & practical training is utilised to develop drivers understanding of heavy vehicle dynamics and the measures they can put in place to recognise and minimize rollover risk.

Some of the main topics covered within the program include:

  • Driving factors
  • The forces at work
  • Causes of rollover
  • Vehicle technology
  • Mechanical appreciation
  • Electronic Braking Stability systems
  • Radius curve, roundabout and J-turn manoeuvre’s (with and without Electronic Stability Control)

“The reason we achieve successful results is due to the combination of developing drivers on the road behaviours and educating drivers on how rollover prevention technologies assist in increasing a fleets safety,” Dave Arthur, Trainer Driver Excellence Programs, explains.

Bruce Scott is from ELGAS, Toowoomba and is a highly satisfied DECA expat, read below his glowing testimonial for the training he received.

“DECA Training - in one word - Brilliant! Our trainer, David Arthur, was the real deal. A career operator who still drives line haul, his knowledge and credibility can't be faulted. He is an excellent communicator, and had modern tools to present the course. It was a great mix of theory, knowledge refreshers, and practical training and it kept the 3 of us thinking throughout the day. The Mack Adgi used for the practical was modern, perfectly maintained and a great simulation of the forces we experience in our tankers. David gave us the confidence to push the limits to understand how close to the edge our vehicles are just standing still. Add in momentum, and "sloshing", and we are never far from a rollover.  It is an excellent course, which I am grateful to have participated in.”

DECA has the capability to deliver Rollover Prevention and Stability training to all kinds of national and international transport clients including major liquid petroleum distributors, concrete agitator fleets and general transport.

If you would like to know more about our rollover training, please do not hesitate to contact our client services team on 1300698233 and ask to speak to a DECA representative.

You can see more information about our Heavy Vehicle Driver Excellence programs on our website at



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