Family Daycare

Family Day Care with Kids on Campus

Family Day Care may suit you and your family! If you are looking for a small group or individual experience for your young children, our highly trained and experienced Family Day Care Educators provide an alternative to traditional centre-based childcare, with care taking place in the nurturing environment of their family home.

Family Day Care can provide families with a flexible, affordable childcare option, and is especially useful for families who require care needs which are flexible or operate beyond the time limits available at a centre-based childcare service.

Within their Family Day Care setting, children can receive individualised attention from one familiar trusted Early Childhood Educator. Educators ensure daily experiences are tailored to each child’s individual developmental stages, and children are encouraged to take part in activities that suit their individual need and interests. Children are able to learn to socialise in a small group within the Family Day Care Educator’s home and can also experience play in larger groups through excursions to playgroup and other community-based activities and events, and visits to the library or to play in the local park.

Kids on Campus Early Learning Centre has been operating Family Day Care since 2013 and provides support to a team of Family Day Care Educators throughout across our local region, all who are operating their own individual businesses as fully qualified Early Childhood professionals. All Family Day Care Educators and the families they provide services for are visited regularly by our coordination staff, to ensure the environment is always safe for children in the care setting. Kids on Campus also offers a space for Family Day Care Educators to make use of all the equipment, crafts, toys and utilities to assist in the nurturing and educational development for the children in their care.

If you are interested in finding out more about Family Day Care opportunities, including registering your own Family Day Care business with Kids on Campus, please contact Jamie Lamotte, Family Day Care Coordinator, phone 02 6055 6653.