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Apprenticeship Support Program


Apprenticeship Support Program

The Apprenticeship Support Program is a Victorian Government-funded program that provides assistance to apprentices aged 15-24 years who are in the first year of their apprenticeship. 

The Apprenticeship Support Officers (ASOs) provide mentoring and welfare support to apprentices to address any issues that may be impacting on their apprenticeship and assist them to stay engaged in their training and work. The service is confidential which means any conversation you have with us stays with us unless you give consent to talk to other parties.

To understand more about the Apprenticeship Support Program and the various support mechanisms available to Apprentices and Trainees click on the link: What support is available to Apprentices and Trainees? 

Wodonga TAFE has a dedicated section on the website to help understand what is involved in Apprenticeships and Traineeships. It's a great resource for discovering all there is to know about apprenticeships and traineeships, both before you engage in one and during it.

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