Congratulations to Cert IV English Language Studies graduates!

Congratulations to Cert IV English Language Studies graduates!

By Brandt Johnson
05 Dec 2016

Photo: proud graduates and their families & friends

It's rare that I write from a first-person perspective, but the communication of this event's impact calls for a bit more than the standard account. The joy I saw in the faces of the graduating students is something I can only liken to a couple moments in my own life - my kids getting exactly what they want for Christmas and my graduation from university.

Combine these visuals of pride, happiness and independence and you might get close to what took place on Thursday last week. After the hard-fought battles in some of these students' lives, I can only imagine what it must feel like to earn the key that unlocks a door to your future success.

This course is customised to increase a student's proficiency in the English Language for the purpose of continuing their education. I asked a few of the graduates about their plans for the future...

Kevin has applied to CSU and LaTrobe to study a Masters degree in Information Technology. He's very proud of his news skills and feels like he has gained so much confidence to continue forward.

Sylva plans to continue his study by enrolling in a Cert IV in Community Services. This will earn him the qualification required to continue to enable youth in the community. Vivian would like to continue in Education Support in order to help others experience the benefits of education.

Rupinder was there alongside her husband and their baby on the way. She has 3.5 years experience as a nurse in her home country, but needs to earn a score of 7 out of 9 on the International English Language Testing System (IELTS) test in order to practice in Australia. She feels so much more confident about taking her test and gaining qualifications in nursing that enable her to work in the ICU.

Reenu was a primary school teacher and now also needs to take the IELTS test, and earn a 9 out of 9 in order to continue teaching here in Australia. "This is the first step to having my head up again. I'm closer to doing what I want to do again."

Sylva's father, Itonda Celestin described his meeting with a Wodonga TAFE education. "We need qualifications from here, and didn't have much idea of how to go about it in a new country. This is our starting point to our contribution in this country."

"Scott and Ian at TAFE Space helped me feel so much more confident in myself and my journey. They have played such a big role in guiding our integration. For people like us who are new to a place, you must always be able to return to your will and want to achieve.