Tuition assurance arrangements

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Tuition assurance arrangements

Wodonga TAFE 2017 TDA TAS Approved Course List (PDF 226Kb)

As a provider of the VET Student Loan system, Wodonga TAFE is required to have tuition assurance arrangements in place to protect enrolled students in the event that Wodonga TAFE ceases the delivery of an approved VET Student Loan course before it is completed. 

Wodonga TAFE’s tuition assurance scheme operator is:

  • TAFE Directors Australia
    PO Box 707 Broadway NSW 20017
    Phone 02 9217 3180 | Web

In the event that Wodonga TAFE ceases to provide a course of study in which a student is enrolled and alternative arrangements cannot be made, the Tuition Assurance Scheme operator will offer affected students a replacement course with another provider (the Second Provider) which meets the relevant tuition assurance arrangements to be offered as a replacement course.

A student in this circumstance may seek review of a decision about whether or not a course is a replacement course that meets those tuition assurance requirements.

A student who accepts the offer of a replacement course: 

  1. will not be required to pay the Second Provider for the replacement components of the replacement course; and 
  2. will receive course credits for parts of the original course successfully completed with Wodonga TAFE.

It is important to note that the tuition fees for the remainder of the replacement course with the Second Provider may be different from the fees payable for the original course.

Students will have a period of 6 months in which to accept the offer for a replacement course. The tuition assurance scheme operator concerned may extend that period of 6 months in circumstances that justify an extension.

If there is no suitable replacement course for a student, the student’s FEE-HELP balance will be re-credited for the affected parts of the original course with Wodonga TAFE.

If the student enrols in a course that is not a replacement course, the student: 

  • may be required to pay additional tuition fees; and 
  • might not receive the course credits the student would have received if the student had enrolled in a replacement course.